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We are back baby – ou yeah!
We are back baby – ou yeah!

We are back baby – ou yeah!

It’s finally here! Reborn website and reborn team. We have a lot to show you, tell you and guide you through it all. Let’s go together right now!


English, Czech, English?


First of all – we are international now. We no longer use Czech language in our server but we still support it in case someone asks for support in that language. English is and will be our default language from now on. We will encourage you to use English always and everywhere from now on. You can still see some references in Czech language of course as we were using Czech language for more than 10 years here but nothing to worry about. English language is not native language of our GM team but I believe our players will forgive us in case of some grammatical mistakes or you can report them in our new bug tracker.


New email for global support

We are here for you if you need any help. And for that we created our global support email called simply support@drahy.com – through it we will provide standard support for players as you were used to it in past in Czech language. The old email podpora@drahy.com is no longer valid and everything from there will be forwarded to our new support email. This rule is valid for all past emails like sluzby@drahy.com etc. Just one unified email for all so it is even easier to remember and use for your convenience.


New self-serving Account Manager!

First of all let me thank our returning GM Prisane (some of you know him under Aquarias or Ysael). He did marvelous job there and his design capabilities are just awesome. We borrowed the original look from our partner wow-cms but the hard part was done by him. The same goes for these new website but we will get to it later. Thank you Prisane. Without your work this could never be possible. We have worked quite hard every day to rewrite the old Account Manager. I was doing the background functionality mostly and Prisane his awesome design work. Account Manager is also mobile friendly as are these websites! This system was very useful and successful in past to resolve most of players needs and issues with their accounts by themselves so you don’t need our help and it is available 24/7/365. Address to this Manager is now under ACCOUNT the old address “ucet” is forwarded to this new one.


Restore your old deleted characters right now!

Are you returning player but your characters and account no longer exists? Than we have answer for you right here right now. This server is here for more than 10 years already. We have some history behind us and so have you! Due to limited financial resources in the past as we were and still are completely free we could not store always all the data. We needed to do cleanups and delete non active accounts and characters longer than 2 months back. Before every cleanup like this I carefully made a backup of existing data. Now during this past year I put together these backups (more than 200) into several huge ones with big help of professional database guys who I paid a lot with my money and time to make this happen and helped me make this service possible for you. What you have to do? It’s simple! Go to Account Restore page in our Account Manager and follow the instructions! It is semi-automatic system. Where all the checks is done by the system and we will receive the complete and valid request. After you will find the account from the backups it will forward you to our different Account Manager which checks all the backups we have. There you can manage your account, send forgotten password, change email and others just like it would be on live version. After successful login you can request to restore your characters by simple clicks and we will take care of the rest. You only check the status where we will inform you of the progress. And that’s it! Go and try it!


New websites and unified login system

As you can see we have new websites running. Smooth, user friendly, World of Warcraft related and safe. We use latest web technologies and mobile friendly versions now. It was a loooooong run, I say. We didn’t want to invent wheel again to write everything from scratch so we searched for some already existing CMS systems. We tried different systems till we found this one. We were with it almost since beginning. First it was called blizz-cms, later wow-cms and now wow-cms plus. We are proud partners of this project still and I want to thank all the developers there. It is very rich and powerful system which we enhanced to be the best one. It supports latest security requirements and web technologies. We included all systems into Single-Login-System. All under one roof. Single login is now needed for forums, bug tracker, Account Manager and to see our changes. We reserved for some time our old forum to be read-only now. 


That is all for now – we will guide you through all this with another news concerning every single system in detail once more I guess. Thank you for your attention and enjoy and play!

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