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Restore and login enhancements
Restore and login enhancements

We have made a significant progress in Restore service during the past days and a lot of you have already used it. We listened to you and made some changes so you are able to do even more and without any problems. What has changed since the service was released?

  1. We have made possible for you to log in with really OLD accounts which are now no longer possible to create, for instance usernames with special characters and/or with spaces and we made possible to restore such accounts.
  2. We will recommend you to change these usernames (with our support help) which are no longer permitted in that format. We will display a special message after you log in with that account to standard account manager or the restore account manager.
  3. All status changes to your characters which are under restore process will be sent to your email connected to the account even error ones with special extended messages.
  4. There were done some significant speed enhancements for the background process.
  5. Final import of the characters to the live server can now be done during the online state of the server.
  6. System now correctly recognizes differences between character with similar names, for instance character names like KEPÍ or KEPI are now two different characters and not the same characters like before.
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