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We take security seriously
We take security seriously

We are aware of the daily threats out there and we do our best to prevent them from happening on our server. There are several aspects to take in mind when securing our server and its components.

Security updates in every of those components are the crucial part. We have to be up to date to secure the server from the outside threats. And we do just that. Please, let me summarize some of those which we recently updated and fixed in our server, web, kernel and other components:


  • PolicyKit vulnerability (USN-3934-2)
  • Linux kernel vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-10638)
  • Linux kernel vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-19985)
  • Linux kernel vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-20856)
  • Linux kernel (AWS) vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-10126)
  • Linux kernel (AWS) vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-13053)
  • Systemd vulnerability (USN-4120-1)
  • Npm/fstream vulnerability (USN-4123-1)
  • Memcached vulnerability (USN-4125-1)
  • FreeType vulnerability (USN-4126-1, USN-4126-2)
  • Python vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-20406)
  • Apache HTTP Server vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-0197)
  • Ghostscript vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-14811, CVE-2019-14812, CVE-2019-14813, CVE-2019-14817)


  • Fixed bug #78363 (Buffer overflow in zendparse).
  • Fixed bug #78379 (Cast to object confuses GC, causes crash).
  • Fixed bug #78412 (Generator incorrectly reports non-releasable $this as GC child).
  • Fixed bug #77946 (Bad cURL resources returned by curl_multi_info_read()).
  • Fixed bug #78333 (Exif crash (bus error) due to wrong alignment and invalid cast).
  • Fixed bug #77185 (Use-after-free in FPM master event handling).
  • Fixed bug #78342 (Bus error in configure test for iconv //IGNORE).
  • Updated to LiteSpeed SAPI V7.5 (Fixed clean shutdown).
  • Fixed bug #78380 (Oniguruma 6.9.3 fixes CVEs). (CVE-2019-13224)
  • Fixed bug #78179 (MariaDB server version incorrectly detected).
  • Fixed bug #78213 (Empty row pocket).
  • Fixed bug #77191 (Assertion failure in dce_live_ranges() when silencing is used).
  • Fixed bug #69100 (Bus error from stream_copy_to_stream (file -> SSL stream) with invalid length).
  • Fixed bug #78282 (atime and mtime mismatch).
  • Fixed bug #78326 (improper memory deallocation on stream_get_contents() with fixed length buffer).
  • Fixed bug #78346 (strip_tags no longer handling nested php tags).
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