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First news in the year 2020!
First news in the year 2020!

Good day everyone!

We wish all our players and readers all the best in this New Year which is ahead of us. Thank you for constant support, emails, small donations and playing on our server with very limited population right now.

We are aware that it is mostly our fault. We do not share our work which is constantly done in the background and we want to change that this year. We hoped to get some publicity last year but there was no time for that either and when we had the time we could not deliver the support for that you all deserve. Some old helpers are trying to get in touch with me and help this year which seems promising.

New Year’s resolution for us is quite obvious. We have done our research and there are thousands of players on WotLK servers. These are mostly servers in strange countries like ours and in much worse state than ours in terms of functionality and advance mechanics. We will attract them again not by advertising in different servers but with our work, special offers, events and we offer them alternative with working path finding, scripted instances, advance agro mechanics, aura and spell functionalities and let them choose and/or switch to our server.

We preferred to work in quiet and do a lot of work without informing everyone which is not a good strategy for anyone besides us. We will continue our best work this year and update you officially here about every change we are doing right now or what we have done already and what are our plans for the future.

Have a great year playing video games only!


Drahy | 9.1.2020, 12:53:33 | 0 Comments