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Username/Account Name change possibilities!
Username/Account Name change possibilities!

First things first.

After a lot of troubles with restoring old characters with the same account names which were existing in our live server which we use as logon credentials (not emails!). We decided to offer you username (account name) change option. For now it is working only in Restore part of our unique account manager but later on we will enable this option also in our live server if everything goes well in there first. As this process is quite extensive and username is linked with your password – at the end of the process you will also receive new password. There are multiple checks enabled for that and everything is done through your email address. I hope we eliminated every security issue with the process by now and it is safe to change it now if needed.

As the system for restoration was changed, we deleted every not finished restoration requests of characters in our system if they had the same username. Please, if you are waiting for the restoration of your characters – check your status and request it again if needed (if it is not already completed from our side). You will be instructed by the system if your account name (username) needs to be changed or not.

System is still semi-automatic. This means it is still not fully auto-complete request system and still needs our little manual intervention in every request added. But it is much faster and user friendly. System also provides status messages about every step and completion status directly in your request table in Restore system so you should be informed on every step of the process.

Username/Account name change is of course a free servis available to all.

Drahy | 9.1.2020, 13:24:59 | 0 Comments