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How to connect

How to start playing on Drahy's Server

Important instruction - This tutorial is numbered and we recommend to go step by step and follow the numbers. That means not skipping any steps! During this tutorial I do not recommend running the game.

1. Creating an account - First of all, you must create an account which is used to log into both the game and our website.

Click here to open the registration page.

2. Downloading the game - Official instalation of this version is not possible anymore as it is not supported by the official servers. That is why we offer a clean version available to download through the links provided in each step.

Official and clean installation without any modifications - Webshare (16.28 GB)

3. Opening the installation files - After downloading the game, you should download a software to open the installation files. We recommend WinRAR.

Download WinRAR from its official page here.

4. Installation directory - You can extract the game anywhere you'd like and you should be able to run it without any issues.

5. Installation of Drahy's program 3.6 - To change additional settings for the game. This is a small, simple software, which will copy all of your addons to selected folder and set up everything neccessary to start playing on this server (it will change your realmlist, stop downloading new patches etc). Please install this program to the directory where your World of Warcraft is installed or where you extracted the files that you downloaded in previous steps (usually it's C:/World of Warcraft or similar).

     Main functions of Drahy's program 3.6:

  • Changes your realmlist to our server's and changes it back to the previous one after uninstalling.
  • Allows you to run the game with Launcher.exe without worring about downloading new patches and shows the recent news from drahy.com right before running the game.
  • Installs only the addons you select and your existing addons stay after installing/uninstalling.
  • Has a simple, modern and current installation proccess.
  • Adds the software to your Start Menu - Software and can be easily uninstalled from there anytime you want.
  • Removes the temporary, unnecessary Cache folder after Installation/Uninstallation and right in Drahy's program too. Folder WTF for setting up addons and macros stays untouched.
  • Previous versions are automatically removed during the installation.
  • Doesn't damage the game in any way, software can be removed and your WoW Client can be used for different servers - all files(added, modified), realmlist are put back to their original state before you installed this software.
  • Supports World of Warcraft 3.3.5a (build 12340).
  • Checks if you are installing the software in the same folder as your World of Warcraft client.

Download Drahy's Program 3.6 from Zippyshare, Webshare or Google Drive (17.1 MB)

6. Completion - If you completed steps 1 to 6 in a correct way and read our rules, you can start playing. Good luck and have fun! Our GM Team.

Note: If the server gets any updates, this tutorial will be updated as well. I recommend reading the news and updates on drahy.com where we mention all important information about updates etc. If you need any help do not hesitate to contact support at support@drahy.com.